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StandUp Comedian Since 2006. YouTuber since 2006. Broadcast Journalist and Radio Personality since 2002. Podcaster since 2017. Tarot Reader since 2019. Author since 2020. You can find all things AaronaTheVirgo at https://www.aaronathevirgo.com

Where Comedy And Tarot Collide Podcast

Click Here To View The Episode 👇🏽 This is the comedy & news headline portion called #TheVirgoViewpoint and Segment consist of Tarot Readings For All Zodiac Signs. https://youtu.be/CtfM8UIFj9M

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My Comedic News Segment – “The Virgo Viewpoint” | Kevin Samuels, Kwame Brown and Toxic Masculinity

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June 2021 Earth Signs Tarot Reading

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Where Comedy And Tarot Collide |Episode 43 – Promo Clip

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Where Comedy And Tarot Collide Episode | 45 – Stressed Out

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2021 BET AWARDS RECAP | Where Comedy And Tarot Collide

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Episode 49 of Where Comedy And Tarot Collide

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